Litigation Support

Litigation Support

For the record, you can count on us. Our professionals have extensive experience behind the scenes and on the witness stand. We combine the industry knowledge needed with the litigation support services your case demands. If your dispute involves another industry, we have the capability to quickly call upon our CPAs and consultants who work day to day in industry-specific practice groups, understanding the operational and strategic issues within those industries.

Backed by a strong reputation and significant experience, we provide expert testimony in federal, state and local courts throughout the state of Indiana.

Depend on us to handle your case with thorough precision—from initial analysis to final exhibits and testimony.


  • Damage analysis for lost profits, royalties or unjust enrichment
  • Measuring economic consequences of losses
  • Exhibit development
  • Expert testimony
  • Due diligence
  • Asset searches
  • Discovery request assistance
  • Transaction tracing
  • Fraud investigation
  • Insurance damages
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Financial modeling/economic analysis
  • Post-acquisition disputes


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