by guest blogger, Patrick Thean of Rhythm Systems

Harvard Business Review found that a shocking 70% of new initiatives fail. From 10 years working with clients at Rhythm Systems, we’ve found that most strategic and change initiatives fail due to poor execution.

Today, we’ve helped hundreds of mid-market companies successfully get more initiatives done, such as hitting revenue targets, acquisitions, new product launches, opening new markets, engaging employees and managing remote workforces.

In our upcoming webinar with Somerset CPAs and Advisors, I will share our playbook to empower teams to stay focused, aligned and accountable.

In the infographic below are 10 tips from my book, Rhythm, to get more initiatives done and achieve your strategic goals.

Join Principal, Howard Cox, and I on April 19, at 11:00 AM EST, to discuss this method and learn more. You can click here to register for our webinar.