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Fraudulent Emails from the IRS

  Be aware of fraudulent emails from the IRS to the attention of “Dear Business Owner”. Many entrepreneurs are receiving what looks like emails from the Fraud Prevention Department stating that a complaint has been filed against their company. To

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529 College Savings Plans

529 College Savings Plans were designed to save for paying college tuition bills.  Many states allow a tax credit if you fund their plan.  It is never too early to save for college tuition, room and board and books.  Growth

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Contemplating an Expansion

  If your company is contemplating an expansion, talk to your Somerset Advisor as soon as possible. Many localities offer tax incentives when company’s add to their real estate and personal property tax base. The most important part is to

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IRS Phone Scams

  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has noticed a recent increase in local phone scams across the country with callers intending to steal money or identities by impersonating the IRS. The callers have even threatened to arrest the individuals or

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