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President Joe Biden Potential Tax Plan

  Below is a select summary of certain items that we believe would impact our client base. This is not an all-encompassing summary, and there are other tax proposals that have been discussed. The below items are just items that

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Indiana Tax Reporting of PPP Funds and Expenses

  As mentioned in our January 18, 2021 blog posting titled, “State Conformity to CARES Act,” many states have not yet conformed or adopted the changes under the CARES Act or the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 (CAA). Indiana has “static”

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State Conformity to CARES ACT

  While more than 20 states automatically conform (also known as “rolling conformity”) to federal law changes, the remaining states have either “selective” conformity or “static” conformity where legislation is required to conform to Federal law changes. While the CARES

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State Funding Available for Small Businesses

The Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) announced applications are open for the Indiana Technical Assistance Program (INTAP) through Feb. 15, 2021. This statewide initiative connects small businesses with critical professional assistance to complete growth and improvement projects. Through INTAP,

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State Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Workers & Employers

As we approach year end, companies need to be aware of how COVID-19 and the subsequent increase in teleworking/remote workers, affects their employees’ state withholdings and possible new state filing obligations for the business. Income Tax Withholding for Remote Workers

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Disability Income: How is it Taxed?

Many Americans receive disability income. You may wonder if — and how — it’s taxed. As is often the case with tax questions, the answer is … it depends. The key factor is who paid for the benefit. If the

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