Bettering the employment experience in Indiana is a focus of Indianapolis city officials.  Starting January 1, 2020 the city of Indianapolis is requiring that tax abatements and training grants be awarded only to those companies that pay at least $18 per hour and provide access to health care benefits and other community amenities.  Indianapolis not only wants to add jobs for its residents, but wants those jobs to be rewarding, pay a fair wage and include options such as child care, transportation to and from work and maybe the chance to climb the company opportunity ladder.

It is currently difficult for a less educated person to climb the economic ladder in Indianapolis.  City officials want to increase the number of good jobs in Indianapolis for people who have not pursued a typical college education.  Companies that can demonstrate the humanitarian effort to train, employ and provide health care to the poverty stricken population of the city will be more awarded real and personal property tax abatements.  This initiative will take time, but the rewards will be worth the effort.

Congratulations to the city of Indianapolis for narrowing the tax abatement eligibility standards while providing a fair wage and benefit to our distressed neighborhoods and residents.

If your company is within Marion County and meets these hiring requirements, please contact your Somerset CPA advisor for guidance and assistance.