If your tax return left you owing taxes to the state of Indiana, but you haven’t yet paid the bill, be on the lookout for a notice in the mail from the Department of Revenue (DOR). The DOR began sending notices in early July and will continue to send notices through September to taxpayers who owe. Each notice will contain the amount due and information detailing how to resolve the issue.

When you receive a tax bill, you have several options:

  • Make a payment online with the DOR (pay by credit card or electronic check)
  • Mail in a payment with a check or money order
  • Make a payment in-person at one of the DOR’s district offices (if using cash, bring exact change only)
  • Set up a payment plan using INtax Pay, if you owe more than $100

Be sure to review each piece of mail from the DOR carefully. Any notification from the DOR will clearly state at the top that it is from the DOR and will direct you to contact our Customer Service line or to our website to pay.

Be on alert! This time of year scammers will try to mimic DOR bills or intimidate you into paying the wrong person/company. When in doubt call the DOR directly at our customer service line at (317) 232-2240 from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Remember, don’t ignore any correspondence you receive from the DOR. If a bill is not paid on time, additional penalties and interest will be accrued. Don’t forget if you cannot pay your entire bill at this time, there are options. Simply contact the state department for assistance.

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