The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is offering free online training resources to companies to assist in training their employees. The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is managing and operating the initiative. Between now and  December 31, employers can subscribe to use this free tool to skill up their employees through access to online skills-training programs from a library of over 700 courses. Licenses obtained by December 31, will remain active for six months. This vast library of skills training includes competencies for specialized industries such as aerospace, automotive and commercial manufacturers, in addition to broader applications across many other areas and sectors. Individuals have the opportunity to complete courses designed to improve general employability skills or develop the foundational knowledge necessary to enter Indiana’s workforce.

DWD is helping employers enroll employees into training programs that 180 Skills has created through its library of course offerings such as mastering Microsoft Office products or improving communication skills— to more advanced courses that can culminate with the opportunity to gain industry-recognized credentials. A library of more than 700 online, interactive, and competency-based skills courses enable employers, educators and workforce professionals to make career-aligned, organized skills training accessible to everyone. Most of the skill courses take less than an hour to complete and can be used in conjunction with other types of company training.

Signing up to access the online skills training programs is easy. Employers interested in signing up employees for 180 Skills should complete a short Indiana Training Request form at, but must sign up by December 31st to receive access. Enrolled employers will receive access to the entire 180 Skills course library (all 700 skills courses!) for 6 months and can get as many learner licenses as they need to get started training their employees. Reserve your licenses now before it’s too late.

Please contact your Somerset advisor at at 317.472.2200 or with any questions.