Recipients of Provider Relief Fund payments exceeding $10,000 in aggregate must register in the Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal. At present, there is no deadline for completing registration in the portal. Recipients will later receive a notification about when they should complete the second step of submitting reporting requirements information on the use of funds. HRSA will send a broadcast email to the email address you provide during the registration process.

The registration process will take at least 20 minutes to complete and must be completed in one session. You cannot save a partially complete registration. Make sure you have all of the information required to register before you begin.


Can reporting entities claim the time spent by staff and director-level resources on COVID-19-specific matters, such as participating in task forces or preparing their health care organization’s COVID-19 response, that they would not have otherwise spent time on in the absence of the pandemic? (Added 2/24/2021)
Time spent by staff on COVID-19 specific matters may be an allowable cost attributable to coronavirus so long as it was not reimbursed or obligated to be reimbursed by other sources. If the personnel salaries are reimbursed by any other source of funding they cannot be also reimbursed by the Provider Relief Fund. In addition, no one individual may be allocated as greater than one full-time equivalent across all sources of funding. All costs must be tangible expenses (not opportunity costs) and must be supported by documentation.

The reporting entity must maintain appropriate records and cost documentation, and other information required by future program instructions to substantiate the reimbursement of costs under this award. The recipient must promptly submit copies of such records and cost documentation upon the request of the secretary, and the reporting entity agrees to fully cooperate in all audits the secretary, inspector general, or Pandemic Response Accountability Committee conducts to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions.


For more information, view the Provider Relief Fund Reporting User Guide. Please contact your Somerset advisor at 317.472.2200 or with any questions.