The Indiana Department of Revenue released a notice of Indiana county tax rate changes, effective October 1, 2017.

Counties with increases are the following:

  • Allen (county tax rate now 0.0148)
  • Clinton (county tax rate now 0.0225)
  • Fountain (county tax rate now 0.0210)
  • LaGrange (county tax rate now 0.0165)
  • Marion (county tax rate now 0.0202)
  • Sullivan (county tax rate now 0.0060)
  • Vermillion (county tax rate now 0.0150)

For example, Marion County rate increase is .0025. This is not a huge increase in percentage, but it is an increase of 14% over the prior rate. Someone making $500,000 of income in Marion County will pay an extra $1,250 in Marion County Income tax in 2018.

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