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Completing Form W-9

  Starting now and throughout the year, clients need to be proactive about completing form W-9 (request for taxpayer identification number and address) for any sub-contractor, attorney or outside service provider, or for anyone who will require a form 1099-MISC

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FAR Overhead Rate Audits

  In recent years, more and more architectural and engineering (“A/E”) firms are finding that they must have an audited overhead rate in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 31 (“FAR”). The issuance of the new AASHTO Uniform Audit

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Solar Power and Tax Incentives

  The use of solar energy by both residents and businesses has increased significantly.  One likely reason is that a majority of states now offer some type of tax incentive for any type of “green” energy saving equipment.   The incentive

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Real Estate Update – Winter 2015

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE – WHERE ARE WE HEADING By Anthony La Malfa An investment in commercial real estate, as with any investment, is a bet on future events and circumstances, since the value of the acquired property can change if

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Manufacturing Companies Tax Savings on Utilities

  Manufacturing companies can be exempt from sales tax on their utilities if properly advised and an exemption application is completed. This could mean significant tax savings to a heavy utility user. To qualify for the exemption , the listed

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