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Big Win for Indiana Microbreweries!

  Senate Bill 297 was passed in the 2015 legislative session. The bill increases the limits of the amount of beer that a small brewery can produce, and sell in-state, annually by threefold (from 30,000 barrels to 90,000).  The other

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Withheld Income Tax in Cleveland

  Cleveland, Ohio lost a case against Jeff Saturday and, in another related case, to a Chicago Bears linebacker. Jeff Saturday was hurt and going through physical therapy in Indianapolis during a Colts/Browns game in 2008. While he was watching

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Is Your Business Growing?

  Spring is the time when flowers and grass grow, but how about your business? Many states and localities offer tax credits and incentives to encourage economic development.  Oftentimes, a business can overlook tax credit opportunities because management is too busy

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Real Estate Update – Spring 2015

COULD MILLENNIALS’ BELIEF SYSTEM BUILD NEW CRE FUTURE? By Stuart Eisenberg, Partner & RE Practice Leader, BDO USA, LLP By 2025, Millennials are expected to occupy 75 percent of the workforce, and it is estimated that by 2015 they will have

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New Revenue Recognition Standards

  Just announced yesterday!  For our clients who have been asking questions about the new revenue recognition standards, the effective date has been pushed back one year for both public and private companies. More information is to come as this

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Employee Benefits Update – Spring 2015

  THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS ON EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLANS Social Security numbers (SSNs) in employee benefit plans (EBP) are a topic of growing concern for multiple reasons. Employee benefit plans are faced with SSNs that belong to individuals

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Challenges of Indiana Craft Breweries

  Did you know that there are nearly 100 craft breweries in Indiana? Or that 6,000+ full time employees in Indiana’s craft brewing industry create an economic impact of more than $600 million? Yep: brewing in Indiana is a big

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