Need to ensure you are minimizing your business and personal tax liability? Look no further than Somerset’s Tax Incentives Team.

The dedicated consultants on our Tax Incentives Team will work with your leadership group to ensure that tax laws and opportunities are working for you.  We have relationships with state and local governmental agencies and vast experience with securing incentives that can provide meaningful cash savings.

If your company is relocating, creating jobs and training your workforce, Somerset can assist you in obtaining tax credits and training grants, no matter the size of your business.  Our consulting team specializes in areas such as:

  • Real and personal tax abatements
  • Job incentives including Economic Development for a Growing Economy credit
  • Skills Enhancement Fund Grants
  • Research and Development Tax Credits

Somerset’s Tax Incentives consultants will become a part of your team and work with your leadership group to achieve your goals of growing your business.  Whether you are looking to expand, acquire new real estate or need assistance training your new workforce, Somerset can assist you with applying for grants and tax credits to assist with financing the growth.

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