Do you have a tax warrant on your record? Have you submitted a request for tax warrant expungement?

A tax warrant is issued when a taxpayer fails to pay or respond to his or her tax bill. Once a taxpayer’s account reaches the warrant stage, he must pay the total amount due or accept the expense and consequences of the warrant. Although this is not a warrant for arrest, the information appears on the taxpayer’s credit report or title search and becomes a lien on his property.

Tax warrants negatively affect credit scores. If a tax warrant is expunged, it is then removed from the taxpayer’s record.

As part of the Tax Amnesty 2015 program, eligible taxpayers may submit a request to have tax warrants expunged from their records. In order to qualify for an expungement all outstanding tax liabilities, including Tax Amnesty 2015 liabilities, must be paid in full and you must be current on all tax filings.

To be considered for a tax warrant expungement, submit a completed Tax Amnesty Expungement Request Form, to the Indiana Department of Revenue by September 16, 2016.

The department will review and approve or deny the request within 180 days of submission.

Tax Amnesty 2015 was a limited-time opportunity for individual and business taxpayers to pay past-due taxes from periods ending prior to January 1, 2013, free of penalty, interest and collection fees. It was conducted from September 15 through November 16, 2015. Tax Amnesty 2015 final payment plan installments were due June 15, 2016.

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