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The key to thriving in today’s competitive marketplace is identifying risks, capturing opportunities and developing solutions. Somerset advisors are here to help you achieve your objectives and move toward success with confidence.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are a unique tool for business owners who are looking to sell some or all of their business, while maintaining a legacy for valued employees. We offer full-service transaction advisory services for business owners who want to adopt this model.

Regular review and analysis of your plan documents and their operation is essential to keeping your plans healthy. To retain your talented employees, it’s important to have an employee plan that provides attractive benefits while ensuring compliance with the IRS, Department of Labor and ERISA rules and regulations.

One unique service we offer is a pre-audit assessment to help prepare for your initial year audit. This assessment allows you the necessary time to accumulate the required information with minimal disturbance to your normal operations. It’s an important step that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit process and it’s one we recommend for all our clients.

It’s important to find the right candidate for executive leadership positions. We’ll assist you through the entire process- from learning about your company and reviewing the job description, to interviewing candidates and negotiating final terms.

Our forensic accounting professionals can help you build internal controls, as well as investigate and identify any losses that may have happened – whether from employee embezzlement, misappropriation or assets you were not even aware of in the first place. Somerset’s forensic experts are skilled in accounting, auditing, finance, quantitative methods, research and investigative skills. We collect, analyze and evaluate evidential matter, interpret it and communicate the findings with you.
We design an incentive plan that will encourage your employees to meet both individual and company-wide production goals. Our incentive plans result in motivation to create, delegate, manage, supervise and properly spread workloads to the appropriate staff level and experience.

Somerset can help make you aware of various business activities that qualify for employee training grants, property tax exemptions or property tax abatements. Companies can qualify for reduced, real and personal property tax assessments for investing in machinery and equipment, consolidating facilities, expanding plants, hiring new employees, relocating employees and offering job training. We help growing businesses navigate reduced local tax assessment and understand cost comparative analysis.

Our professionals have extensive experience behind the scenes and on the witness stand. Backed by a strong reputation and significant experience, we provide expert testimony in federal, state and local courts throughout the state of Indiana. You can depend on us to handle your case with thorough precision – from initial analysis to final exhibits and testimony.

Whether you are buying, selling or merging your business, our experts can help you achieve your goals. Most Buyers or Sellers don’t have deep experience with M&A transactions.  We work with M&A every day and are experts in the entire process. These are significant events in your organizational life cycle and we will help you confidently navigate each step of the way.  We perform Buy-Side Diligence, Sell-Side Advisory and Quality of Earnings projects.

Change isn’t easy. Whether your business is passing to the next generation or being sold to an outside buyer, Somerset understands the complexities of ownership transition and will always keep your needs in mind.
With the development of Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators, we help you reward personnel responsible for your company’s achievement of strategic and operating goals.

Somerset helps underperforming and financially challenged companies, creditors and lenders improve business performance and drive change. Our skilled professionals guide clients in overcoming a variety of challenges.

Somerset has developed a strategic planning approach that emphasizes strategic thinking and execution planning.  This systematic approach enables us to come away from the event with an execution ready plan complete with concrete action items, clear responsibilities and defined success criteria.  Our role in the process is not to make the decisions, but to facilitate a proven process that will assist you and your team in creating momentum to move your business forward towards your goals.

A business succession plan is something that every business owner should consider sooner rather than later. Proactively thinking about the day when you hand over the reins will help make the transition as smooth as possible. We have years of experience in helping privately-held businesses develop, prepare, strategize and implement a succession plan that ensures stability now and in the future.

Our valuation experts have years of experience providing valuations for businesses of all sizes.  Valuations are completed for a variety of reasons including estate and gift, divorce, buy-sell agreements and business transactions.  We use our expertise and knowledge of business and industry to complete a thorough, independent and well supported valuation of closely-held businesses.

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