Could you recover your data from backup in case of a ransomware attack or human error?

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has been hit with an encryption attack.  In some cases, when businesses attempt to recover from their backup, they discover these have also been encrypted and are unrecoverable.

For data backups to be available when you need them, they must meet several criteria:

  1. Stored remotely—off-site backups are crucial for data recovery.
  2. Frequent and regular—is daily adequate for you?  You may need hourly backups if your process many transactions.
  3. With a defined retention span—sometimes data loss is due to human error, and a deleted file or folder many not be discovered until several weeks later.
  4. Encrypted and protected.
  5. Not stored on a single-point-of-failure device.
  6. Stacked—additional layers for business-critical data that needs immediate restoration (e.g. your QuickBooks data) as compared to less critical data.

Our advisors can perform a “health check” on your data backup and provide recommendations so that you can be certain it will be there if and when you need it. Contact us at 317-472-2200 or if you have questions.